The regular ticket sales for Pinkpop 2024 are handled through Ticketmaster. Below you can read which tickets you can purchase and what is included.

You can also purchase tickets for transportation, such as parking tickets and bus return tickets, among others. All information about these tickets can be found here.

Please note: The only official sales channel for Pinkpop tickets is Only purchase tickets from the official sales channel. For more information, visit If you have any questions or doubts, always contact Ticketmaster or Buro Pinkpop first.

New this year

Mobile tickets

Starting this year, we are using mobile tickets. This means you no longer need to search your email for your tickets or print them out. Your mobile tickets will automatically appear in your Ticketmaster account after purchase (via your mobile browser or the Ticketmaster app). Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Ticketmaster app or go to
  2. After purchase, you will find your tickets in ‘My Account.’
  3. You can forward tickets to friends via ‘Forward’ or the ‘plus icon.’
  4. Friends will then receive an email to accept their tickets.
  5. Scan your tickets from your mobile phone at the main entrance.

This way, your tickets are readily available, you can easily resell them if you’re unable to attend, forward them to your friends, and save unnecessary printing!

For more information, check out Ticketmaster’s explanation.

Vaste Gast-Ticket

New: Vaste Gast-Ticket! This year you can reserve a spot at your favorite campsite for only €5, this way you are guaranteed a spot in advance. The Vaste Gast-Ticket guarantees a random spot at your favorite campsite. Your arrival will be taken into account, but no fixed piece of grass will be reserved for you. When you arrive, you see where there is space available, but it is certain that you will be at your favorite campsite. More info? Check out the Vaste Gast-Ticket!

Note: you can only buy this ticket as an additional article during the ordering process of your weekend ticket.

Group spots

Starting in 2024, you can book a group spot at Camping A or Camping B! This allows you and your entire group of friends to stand together in a fixed section of the campsite and you don’t have to worry about when you’re going to queue or keeping space free for friends who arrive later. How relaxing! Learn more here.

Note: a group spot does not give direct access to the campsites. You must have a valid weekend ticket for the festival.


How do I buy a ‘Vaste Gast’ ticket?

You can only purchase a ‘Vaste Gast’ during the checkout process of your weekend ticket as an additional item. Through Tucjetmaster’s ticket shop, you will be directed to the additional items that match your weekend ticket.

Please note: you must actively click on this option during checkout and cannot purchase it at a later time.

Ticket sale

Good to know

  • You can buy a maximum of 8 tickets per transaction.
  • Once purchased, tickets cannot be returned.
  • Starting this year, you will receive a mobile ticket. You can read all about it here.
  • The recommended age to visit Pinkpop (including campsites) without supervision is 16 years old. We advise visitors under this age to be accompanied by an adult.
  • A day ticket does not grant access to the Pinkpop campsites. This also applies to combinations of two or three day tickets.
  • The only official sales channel is Ticketmaster.
  • The general terms and conditions of the organization apply to the sale of Pinkpop tickets.
  • Customers of Vodafone and Ziggo can purchase tickets for Pinkpop 2024 earlier in the special Priority presale. This presale started on Friday, December 8th at 10:00 AM. More information about this presale can be found on

Purchasing tickets with proper preparation

Below are our best tips for the digital queue of Pinkpop 2024:

  • Make sure you already have an account on You can do this here.
  • Log in to your account and be ready with the correct ticket links.
  • On Saturday, December 9th at 10:00 AM, the virtual gates will open, and you will be assigned a random position in the queue. Do not refresh your page from this moment onwards!
  • Select your ticket(s) and click ‘continue.’ Proceed to check out your ticket(s) and share your joy with us through our social media channels!
  • Download the Ticketmaster app or go to
  • Your tickets can be found in ‘My Account.’

Please note: The only official sales channel for Pinkpop tickets is For more information, visit If you have any questions or doubts, always contact Ticketmaster or Buro Pinkpop first.

Day box office

If there are still tickets available at the time of the festival, we sell them at the day ticket booth. This is located at the main entrance of our festival grounds at the Pinkpop Square.

Please note! Tickets at the day ticket booth are more expensive than those purchased in advance. You can pay by Maestro Debit Card at the day ticket booth (credit cards are not accepted).

How do I receive mobile tickets?

You can only order tickets for Pinkpop online through Your mobile tickets will appear automatically in your Ticketmaster account (via your mobile browser or the Ticketmaster app) after purchasing your tickets.

Please note: you will not receive a PDF of your ticket(s) via email. Your ticket is mobile and ready in your Ticketmaster account. Ticketmaster is happy to explain to you here why mobile tickets are so convenient and sustainable.

How do I receive my wristband?

Are you staying at one of our campsites?

  • Upon arrival, you will receive a wristband upon presentation of your weekend ticket.
  • Please note! Glampink visitors collect their wristband at the Glampink, not Camping A, B, or C.

Do you have a weekend ticket, but are you not camping?

  • Even then, you will receive a wristband! You will receive it immediately after scanning your (valid) weekend ticket at the main entrance of our festival grounds.

I didn’t receive my tickets, what now?

No worries! You will no longer receive tickets in your e-mail or be able to print out a PDF of your ticket. That’s because this year, for the first time, we’ll be working with mobile tickets. This ticket will automatically appear in your Ticketmaster account (via your mobile browser or the Ticketmaster app) after you’ve purchased your tickets.

Questions about mobile tickets? Ticketmaster explains everything again here!