We want to make our festival even more sustainable and future-proof! That’s why, together with you, we’re going to try to organize our festival in the coming years with even more love for nature, animals, and people than we already do. Let’s keep on rocking in a green world!

What are we already doing behind the scenes?

  • Our crew starts off with a bang: their crew shirts are made from fair-trade, organic cotton, and they predominantly move around on bicycles instead of scooters or cars.
  • We reduce our carbon footprint: backstage meals consist of 50% vegetarian or vegan options, and the fridges filled with plastic bottles have been replaced with refill stations where our crew can replenish their reusable bottles.
  • Waste is intensely separated, just like on the festival grounds. Collected waste is then processed in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Any remaining waste is sent to a special incinerator that converts it into electricity.
  • We use Powerplants on the festival grounds and campsites. These ensure that no more generators are working simultaneously than the actual energy needed. This way, we distribute the required energy and save liters of diesel!
  • Leftover merchandise doesn’t end up in the waste container! Thanks to the Pinkpop Pop-Up Shop at the festival, vintage items get a new life for years to come. We also regularly donate leftover crew shirts to special initiatives.
  • Our decoration materials are reused as much as possible: old banners are transformed into brand new merchandise, and old decor is moved to our backstage areas when new ones are needed for our festival grounds.
  • Print materials are limited: we view documents digitally as much as possible, and if printing is necessary, we aim for 50% recycled paper (like our posters) or an FSC certification (like our program booklets).
  • Leftover items from campers are handed over to local thrift stores or food banks afterward. We also collaborate with Sheltersuit, who recycle all leftover sleeping bags from our campsites and Glampink into winter jackets for people battling the cold daily.
  • We closely monitor our waste streams and strive to make new waste streams circular as quickly as possible.

What can you already notice on the grounds and campsites?

  • You can use the toilet guilt-free: recycled toilet paper is available everywhere, and the flush toilets have efficient water reservoirs. This helps us save water and unlike bio-boxes, we don’t have to flush away large quantities of chemicals.
  • Thanks to the waste depots and our cup-to-cup system, you still see grass on the festival field at the end of the day. That’s a relief: no more sitting on someone’s leftover mayonnaise or a plastic cup!
  • On the grounds and at the “Kalm Aan Baan,” you can choose from a wide food lineup. In addition to hearty meals, there are as many food trucks as possible offering delicious vegetarian, vegan, organic, and fair-trade options on their menu.
  • You receive only one program booklet, and fellow visitors are not allowed to distribute flyers at Pinkpop. This helps reduce paper waste.
  • In the campsite, your shower water comes from a water-saving showerhead.

In short: you as a visitor are incredibly important! Thanks to your cooperation with our sustainable initiatives, the grass at Megaland and our campsites looks cleaner every year, all plastic cups are neatly returned through our cup-to-cup system, we increasingly distribute (sustainable) food and drinks in reusable packaging, and the campsites still look green after the festival.

What can you do?

  • Start early and travel sustainably to Pinkpop! The most significant impact of your festival visit comes from how you travel. So, come on foot or by bike! You can park your bike for free near the main entrance. If you’re not from the area, use public transportation or come with an organized bus return! In both cases, we’ll gladly drop you off at the festival grounds with a festival shuttle (which runs from Landgraaf Station, our campsites, or the drop-off point of the bus return).
  • If you still come by car, make sure all seats are filled and carpool with fellow Pinkpoppers! It’s more fun, cheaper, and better for the environment. You can easily find people to ride with through the Slinger app!
  • Don’t leave any items or mess behind at the campsite when you leave! Take as many camping items home as possible. Collect your waste in a free Pinkpop garbage bag (available at the camping reception) and dispose of it at designated waste or donation points! You can exchange full garbage bags for a cool Pinkpop souvenir at the camping receptions.
  • If something breaks, bring it to the information desks so we can donate it to someone who needs it. Note: don’t leave your tent behind! Tents are difficult to recycle and often end up in landfills. So, give that beautiful folding system a try and take your tent with you!

Our goals and partners

Thanks in part to the sustainability policy we introduced in early 2023 together with our colleagues from Down the Rabbit Hole and Lowlands, sustainability is higher on the agenda than ever before. The five key pillars (energy, resources and materials, mobility and transport, water, and food and drink) are central to our organization throughout the year. Additionally, we strive to inspire our crew, partners, and suppliers and integrate sustainability into our collaborations. This way, we hope future Pinkpoppers can visit our festival for generations to come!

Want to learn more about our sustainability goals for 2030? Read on here!