About us

For decades, we’ve had the privilege of hosting unique memories, the coolest shows by world-famous artists, and special encounters between visitors. And all of this from the southernmost part of the Netherlands! Years of local, national, and international collaborations ensure that we can hopefully continue doing this for decades to come.

For 52 editions (and almost 53!), nothing has stopped our visitors from attending Pinkpop. Together, we’re making history: according to the Guinness Book of Records, our festival is the oldest continuously organized pop festival. In total, Pinkpop has been attended by more than 2.9 million unique visitors and 988 artists. Hopefully, together, we’ll continue to be record-breakers, writing history year after year!

Want to know everything about the history of our festival? Check out our History page!

We are proud to be a festival where local educational institutions gain practical experience for the first time. We believe it’s incredibly important to offer new generations of event makers a professional workplace nearby. In the lead-up to and during our festival, we closely collaborate with students from various local vocational and higher education institutions and minors. Successful initiatives or solutions often come from the classrooms of South Limburg, and during our festival, a portion of our crew consists of (transitioned) students and (former) interns.

We know firsthand how wonderful it is to work with a lively group of people to create a unique experience for thousands. By working together with local music, football, and scouting clubs (among others, behind the bar and in the recycling crew), we can contribute to their club funds and give them a boost to remain active throughout the rest of the year.

Behind the scenes, Pinkpop is also an inclusive festival. A significant portion of our recycling crew consists of residents from Op de Bies, and participants from Stichting Philadelphia carefully process our old decor into brand new merchandise. Creative artists also have the opportunity to connect with the history of our festival: since the 51st edition, our art poster has been designed by a different artist each year, and the Bonnefantenmuseum exhibits extraordinary art on our grounds.

To strengthen the path to the Pinkpop stage for new talent, we collaborate with Limburg pop venues and the Pop in Limburg foundation. The program of our annual Neighborhood Social is provided by De Oefenbunker, NIEUWE NOR, and Pop in Limburg, but the fringe and camping program also features talents or successful concepts from their initiatives. Additionally, Pinkpop is opened each year by the recipient of the “Promise” award at the Limburg Pop Prize.

Interested in a long-term collaboration? Feel free to email us!

We continue to actively advocate for the (future) interests of our visitors by committing to important campaigns and agreements. For example, we have signed the Third Covenant for Prevention of Hearing Damage and the Plastic Promise. Additionally, we draw inspiration from partners such as Amnesty International and participate in campaigns like I Love My Ears and Weet Waar Je Koopt. Through these initiatives, we raise awareness of societal issues among our Pinkpoppers and ensure our sustainability for the future!

You can read all about our sustainability goals for 2030 here.