Festival grounds

Are you coming to Pinkpop for the first time and curious about what awaits you in Landgraaf? Or do you just need a refresher on what’s possible and allowed at the festival site? Below, we’ve gathered all the ins and outs for you!

This page also offers options for hiring a locker so you can store your belongings safely while on the Pinkpop festival grounds!

Allowed/Not allowed

House Rules

You can read the house rules of the Pinkpop 2024 festival site here. Good to know is that by buying your ticket you have automatically agreed to the following:

  • The advisory age at Pinkpop is 16. We advise visitors under this age to be accompanied by an adult.
  • You can be searched at the main entrance of the festival site.
  • The police is present at our festival to check for illegal trading of products
  • There is camera surveillance on the festival grounds
  • Visual and/or sound recordings will be made by artists and the organization
  • Smoking at Pinkpop is only allowed in the open air (not in tents and/or under canopies)
  • The organization can throw away or confiscate unauthorized items at the entrance check
  • Visitors under the age of 18 are not allowed to buy and/or consume alcohol
  • Illegal sales to third parties are prohibited

General conditions of admission tickets

You can read the Pinkpop 2024 ticket terms and conditions here. Good to know is that by buying your ticket you have automatically agreed to the following:

  • If an admission ticket is purchased for Pinkpop and/or the event site is entered, then the General Terms and Conditions for Admission Tickets Festivals Limburg B.V. apply
  • During Pinkpop photographs or film recordings can be made for reportages, websites, promotional purposes and the like. By entering the festival site the visitor gives permission to Pinkpop to photograph and film and to use the recordings for promotional purposes. If you appear in those recordings you cannot claim any compensation. For (more) information on how the organization processes personal data, please see the privacy policy of Festivals Limburg B.V..
  • At Pinkpop we have been unable to avoid camera surveillance at the festival for years. For the safety of visitors and staff, camera surveillance takes place on and around the event site. This surveillance takes place in compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation. For (more) information on how the organization processes personal data, please refer to the privacy policy of Festivals Limburg B.V.

Allowed/disallowed on the festival grounds

You can read exactly what is and what is not allowed on our festival site in the Pinkpop 2024 house rules. We have highlighted the most important points for you below:

Yes, allowed:

  • One empty drink container of maximum 0,5 liter per person is allowed. These can be refilled on the festival site at one of the water points;
  • (Digital) compact cameras and camera phones are allowed on the festival site;
  • Sealed, dense refill packs for e-cigarettes are only allowed on the camping grounds with a maximum of 50 ml of liquid (plastic) refills;
  • Small bags with a size of maximum A4 x maximum 10 cm thick or linen bags consisting of 1 compartment are excluded;
  • Ponchos;
  • Power bank, max. phone size, for personal use;
  • Flagpoles (max. 2 cm thick and 1.5 m long);
  • Rug;
  • Sunscreen, deos and perfume;

Note! If in doubt, the security manager at the entrance will decide.

No, not permitted:

  • Batteries/batteries (except small power bank for cell phones and medical applications;
  • Tin;
  • Camping items (such as hammers and tent poles);
  • Beverages and food in any packaging;
  • Dry ice;
  • Drugs;
  • Torches;
  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards;
  • Flyers, stickers and other promotional materials;
  • Gas installations and gas cylinders;
  • Mind-altering drugs (including nitrous oxide cartridges, among others);
  • Generators;
  • Toxic, flammable or explosive materials;
  • Glass, glass bottles
  • Glow sticks, “fairy lights,” laser pens and other lights with bundled beams;
  • Graffiti;
  • GoPro’s;
  • Lamp oil;
  • LED foam sticks;
  • (Domestic) animals;
  • Cardboard/paper signs with lettering;
  • (Collapsible) baby carriages;
  • Chairs or stools (collapsible or non-collapsible);.
  • Air cushions and other inflatable objects and furniture such as poufs etc. (incl. lamzac);
  • Markers (thick indelible felt pen);
  • Needles;
  • Refills of e-cigarettes;
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (so-called UAV and drones);
  • Umbrellas and parasols;
  • Plastic (construction) tarps;
  • Portophones;
  • Professional photographic, film and other recording equipment (including all SLR cameras and cameras with detachable lenses).
  • Wheelchairs, walkers, mobility scooters and other necessary objects for locomotion (only with medical necessity and prior approval through INTER);
  • Selfie sticks;
  • Banners;
  • Aerosols (except sunscreen, deodorants and perfume);
  • Horns, gas horns and other annoying noise makers;
  • Soccer shirts, club-related or provocative displays, provocative and/or face-covering clothing
  • Fireworks, flares, laser pens and other light with bundled beam;
  • Walking sticks (except medical crutches, by request only );
  • Weapons, chains (except chains on pants or jewelry) or other objects that could be used as weapons or disrupt order;
  • And other dangerous objects.

Note! If in doubt, the security manager at the entrance will decide.

Liquor and drugs

  • It is prohibited for visitors to Pinkpop under the age of 18 to purchase and/or consume alcohol. In addition, visitors of 18 years and older are not allowed to give alcohol to visitors under the age of 18. Liquor is prohibited for everyone. After a first warning, a second offense will result in removal from the festival grounds. At the request of Pinkpop staff, security or other authorized persons, you must be able to show ID to determine your age. If you look younger than 25, you will be asked for your ID. If you are 18 or older, you can get an 18+ band at the Receptions at the campsites or at the information desk and beverage tents on the festival grounds.
  • Smoking is only allowed outdoors and not in buildings, tents or under canopies. Visitors under 18 are not allowed to buy tobacco at Pinkpop.
  • It is forbidden by Dutch law to have drugs with you or to trade them. The police have a zero tolerance policy, which means that drugs are strictly prohibited at Pinkpop and there will be consequences for having them in your pocket or using them. Police and organization may search luggage for this purpose and search people.
  • Don’t buy drugs, don’t use drugs, don’t smoke and drink moderately, so you have a better chance of making it to Pinkpop 2025 (the 54th edition!) and following years.

Mobility scooters and rollators

Mobility scooters and walkers are only allowed on the festival grounds with medical necessity and prior permission. You can request permission through the INTER application form.

Please note: a request does not automatically mean you will get permission. Each request is considered individually to allocate the capacity as best as possible.

Facilities on the grounds

Food and drinks on the festival grounds

Own food and/or drinks are not allowed at Pinkpop (unless medically necessary).

  • Empty beverage containers of maximum 0,5 liter are allowed on the festival site.
  • In cooperation with WML we hand out free water at various points on the festival site. Have your water bag, bottle or cup filled with delicious Limburg drinking water for free! You can also buy a foldable Pinkpop water bag here. This is very practical to carry water with you and it is also a nice souvenir.
  • The quality of the food at Pinkpop is extremely high and the assortment grows every year
  • On the main grounds you can find delicious fries, snacks, kebabs, pizza and other festival food
  • On the Kalm Aan Baan you will find many exotic dishes at the food trucks and a wide choice of organic, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan exotic catering, all lovingly prepared by authentic caterers
  • You can bring special food or medication through the accessible entrance. Please bring a medical certificate (or one from your doctor) with you.
  • Visitors under the age of 18 are not allowed to purchase and/or consume alcohol. Visitors over 18 are prohibited from passing alcohol to visitors under 18. You will first receive a warning, a second offense will result in immediate removal from the premises. At the request of Pinkpop staff, security or other authorized persons you will have to be able to show an ID that establishes your age.
  • If you look younger than 25, our staff will ask you for your ID. Does this show that you are 18 or older? Then you can get an 18+ band! You can get these at the bar and information desk at the festival site. At the campsites you can get them at the bar or supermarket.
  • There are plenty of non-alcoholic options at the festival! Have a delicious non-alcoholic beer at the Brand Bierlokaal or a mocktail at one of our cocktail bars.

Accessible facilities on the premises

Entrance to the festival grounds
There is a separate, wide, and less crowded entrance next to our main entrance. Here, you and one companion can enter. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed on both the festival grounds and the campsite.

Raised platforms
At the South Stage, North Stage, and Tent Stage, there is a platform where wheelchair users, individuals with crutches, and those on the autism spectrum disorders (with one companion if necessary) can enjoy their favorite acts. The platform is specifically designated for people with disabilities. If the platform becomes too crowded, Inter-assistants will ask companions to vacate the platform.

Accessible toilets
Accessible toilets are available at every toilet group on the festival grounds. Additionally, there is an accessible toilet next to each raised platform. Moreover, Inter-assistants are present on the festival grounds to provide assistance, if needed, with toilet visits, eating or drinking, or any issues with your wheelchair.

Do you want to use these facilities? Request access through the INTER registration form.

Charging service festival grounds of Pinkpop

On festival grounds of Pinkpop you can use the charging service. Here you can rent a powerbank to charge your phone. You can return this powerbank at the campsite or festival site. We have a cable for you for a small fee, but you can also bring your own USB cable. The charging service is on the map prior to the festival.

Festival grounds

In 2024 vindt Pinkpop voor de 35e keer plaats op het vertrouwde festivalterrein Megaland in Landgraaf, gelegen aan de Hofstraat 13-15, 6372 XC Landgraaf.

Is there a space available for breastfeeding?

A breastfeeding room is available at our first aid post next to the South Stage. In this room, it’s also possible to store breast milk in a refrigerator. Security is aware of this arrangement and permits you to bring a breast pump onto the festival grounds.

Is it allowed to bring your own drinks container?

  • You are allowed to bring an empty drink container of no more than 0.5 litres.
  • Are you bringing a disposable container? Then there is probably a deposit on it. Please take this back home too or bring it to a recycling point!
  • You can refill your drinks container with free drinking water at the various WML water points. Are these points too busy? Then you can also refill your drink container with drinking water at the toilets.